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What Beauty Means to MSlay

   The idea of what beauty means differs from person to person, and those differences should be celebrated.


    For MSlay, beauty means loving yourself, for you, it may mean something entirely different. Maybe for you, beauty means flaunting your best makeup tricks, rocking out with your new (MSlay!) extensions, or fully embracing your natural locks and fluttering your mascara-free lashes.


    Maybe, beauty means more to you than what sits on the surface, and is instead found deeper within yourself. Regardless of what it means, know that at MSlay your Beauty – everything that you find beautiful about yourself and about those around you – is celebrated!

Photographer: Madison P Cook

Kelowna, B.C.

Makup Artis: Alannah Hilton


      Since I was young I've always had a passion for styling hair, what was once a hobby is now my dream job and life is too short not to follow your dreams, so here we are.


 I believe that the beauty industry is forever growing so we always need to continue educating ourselves and learning from others so we can be on top of trends and know the best options for our clients, meaning You!


      Weddings have been a complete blessing! As a stylist  it has been one of the most memorable aspects of my passion. I love creating bridal and Event looks for every one of my clients visions and I feel so blessed to be apart of those special moments.


    I have multiple certifications and diplomas through a variety of reputable academy's and programs such as Eveline Charles Academy, The Salt Society, Babe Extensions, ITEC, LSusu and Nailcotics.


                                                      Photo Credit Kadie Hummel Photography


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What Beauty Means to MSlay